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1. What is the cost for My Yahoo Mailer?
$19.50 per month.

2. How can I pay for My Yahoo Mailer?
We take all major credit cards, online e-checks, MyPay (our personal 
payment processor), Pay Pal, and Safepay.

3. Can I make any money promoting My Yahoo Mailer affiliate site?
Yes, you will be paid $10 per month for all memberships you sell.

4. Will I be able to mail to all My Yahoo Groups every day?
Yes, the script automatically emails their ad every day without them having to login?

5. How many groups are there to mail to?
Over 2500 with over 3 million members.

6. How do I cancel my membership and subscription?
If at anytime you want to cancel your membership and stop your 
subscription you can send an email to one of the email addresses 
provided below or open a help ticket on our support page.  

7. How do I contact support if I have any problems?
You can email us at:  support@bbpmarketing.websitesource.net  
bbp@ureach.com  or open a support ticket on our support page  
Or you can Instant message us at MSN or Yahoo by adding the 
information below to your computer.

Download MSN Instant Messaging below and then add our username: 
bbp@ureach.com  to your contact list.

Get your free Yahoo messenger
Once you sign up request to add my ID# to your address book. My Yahoo Instant
messenger ID:  bbprld


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